Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Program  Forms

Step 1.

Call our office at 336-236-1675 so we can complete the initial intake.

Step 2.

Once we have completed the initial intake, then you may now download a packet for the program you are interested in by clicking a title below!

(Note: you will need the ability to fill out the PDF forms buy either using an app or printing the forms and filling them manually). 

Budget Counseling: This packet is for those interested in working on their credit score or wanting to manage their money better. 

Foreclosure Prevention: This packet is for those facing foreclosure.

Prepurchase: This packet is for those interested in taking the steps to becoming a homeowner or interested in downpayment assistance. 

URP: This packet is for those interested in our Urgent Home Repair Program. With this program, we only address issues with a home that can injure, displace or cause death to those living in the home if not repaired. We also do accessibility modifications for those needing ramps, grab-bars, chair-height toilets, etc. (Note: A this time, our agency is not permitted to work on any kind of manufactured housing, regardless of foundation). 

       Step 3.

Once you have the completed the packet, including copies of ALL requested documentation, then please return to our office located at... 

21 W. 2nd Street, Lexington, NC 27292.

You may also email the copies to...

 phyllis@homesolutionsdcnc.org or shaylen@homesolutionsdcnc.org

Step 4.

Once our office has verified that the packet is complete, along with all requested documentation, then our HUD certified housing counselor with call you within 3-10 business days to schedule you an appointment. (Note: Some appointments may need visits to our office, others may be by phone or a conference software such as Zoom or Google Meet).