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2024-2025 Urgent Repair Program

Home Solutions of Davidson County (HSDC) has been awarded $132,000 by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA) under the 2023 cycle of the Urgent Repair Program to assist Davidson County residents. The Urgent Repair program finances emergency home repairs to owner-occupied homes of veterans,  the elderly (62+), and disabled whose incomes are below 50% of the statewide median.  Only repairs that address imminent threats to the life and/or safety of occupants of the dwelling unit, or accessibility modifications, will be performed under the program.  A total of 16 households are projected to be assisted during this grant cycle.

In the Urgent Repair Program, one or two critical problems may be repaired, but the entire house is not addressed. Examples of work typically done under this program include roofs, heating and cooling system repairs, electrical issues and plumbing or septic system repairs. This program also provides accessibility modifications such as ramps, grab bars, chair height toilets and wider doors.

HSDC will provide assistance to those whose homes are selected for repairs in the form of a loan. Homeowners will receive an unsecured deferred, interest-free loan, forgiven at a rate of $3,000 per year until the principal balance is reduced to zero. 

Intakes can be taken by phone at 336-236-1675. Applications are subject to approval. Qualifying applicants are ranked by a pre-determined points system to ensure that those with the most qualifying factors are protected from injury or displacement as quickly as possible .  Once all funds are exhausted for the current funding cycle, qualifying applicants must reapply for the next cycle. Additional points will be awarded for qualifying applicants who were not served during prior funding cycle(s).

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The funds provided by the NCHFA for the Urgent Repair Program come from the North Carolina Housing Trust Fund.


On September 1st, 2022, North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA) increased the amount of down payment assistance up to $50,000 for qualifying clients looking to become homeowners. This program is designed for people looking to get out of rentals and investing in homeownership.This amount is the highest it has ever been offered and we assure you that it won't last forever. To see if you qualify, please contact the Home Solutions of Davidson County office at 336.236.1675.

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